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Chromatic Dreams (Rêves Chromatiques)

Contemporary creation and old stones.

The Château de Beaugency hosts a permanent exhibition of digital creations on the theme “Arts, Sciences and Heritage”. Immersive 360° room in the former Salle des Gardes, immersive dome, digital art works; come and discover over 1000m2 the works that make up the Art Centre’s collection.

Travel in a digital and luminous universe where medieval and renaissance architecture is revealed through beams of light and bricks of pixels.

Influenced by nature, polyhedral geometry and space, the artist and artistic director of the Art Centre Jérémie Bellot offers visitors a new look at heritage through his own works and those he co-creates with his collective AV-Exciters.

Discover this parallel universe in the heart of the medieval city of Beaugency.

The permanent exhibition in images

Temporary exhibition

Time travel:
Science in the Age of Enlightenment

Time travel:
Science in the Age of Enlightenment by AV Extended

Discover the history of science in the eighteenth century in our immersive creation at the Château de Beaugency, birthplace of Jacques Charles, famous physicist of the Enlightenment. Immerse yourself in an exciting multimedia journey that highlights the great names of the Enlightenment period, including J. Charles, who has pioneering experiments in aeronautics and chemistry. Discover its scientific heritage and that of many other famous characters of the time, in a unique experience that will transport you back in time and in the exciting world of science in the Age of Enlightenment.

Temporary exhibition



If you walk through the gates of the castle perhaps you would have the opportunity to discover Eikosis, the cat of Beaugency Castle. «The Eikosis» is a family of twenty cats who travel from city to city to suck up the daytime sunlight and restore it at night, paying tribute to their mother the Moon. They interact with their adopted city and imbibe its character. Every cat is unique. All are part of the Eikosis family.
Here’s their story… The Sun decided to create the lion to frighten the Moon, in the image of Apollo, god of stars and lights, wishing to intimidate Artemis his sister, goddess associated with the Moon. She answered him maliciously and made fun of him by creating the cats, who since then live alongside humans during the day and meet each other at night, in the moonlight, to find their mother.
Temporary exhibition

Invited artists

ETHER by Nico Neefs & Thomas Vaquié (AntiVJ)

Ether embodies the world above the heavens. It is the air that the gods breathe. It is this feeling of vertigo, this asphyxiation that we feel in the face of immensity.

Nico Neefs a réalisé le clip d’Ether, un morceau extrait de l’album Ecume. Il a filmé ces images fantastiques basées sur l’artwork conçu par Yannick Jacquet et sur les ondes sonores de la piste Ether.

EXOGRAPHIES by Desaxismundi

Inspired by the long tradition of topographical surveys, the Exographies series explores
the complexity of the geomorphological phenomena at work in the universe, in the form of computer-generated imaginary cartographies.
A veritable scientific and visual fiction, it captures and highlights the many forces, turbulences and erosion agents that tirelessly shape any telluric structure and, by extension, the possibility of creating the conditions of life.

ARSARNEQ by Jésus s.Baptista

The ice monolith ARSARNEQ V.2 encloses in its heart an aurora borealis that Jesus s.Baptista and Philippe Zappadu captured during their creative residence on the Atka boat in Greenland.