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Night Show

IN 2022

Digital Patterns

The paths that nature takes always go to the essential, it must question us as a society on the roads to take in a confused and turbulent context. The human being is at a crossroads of its existence, aware of the end of the utopia of abundance, it is necessary to project itself into utopias including nature as a fundamental element. The mapping “Digital Patterns” will translate in five chapters the crossings of the different patterns of nature, the trajectories, the paths that it offers, making the synthesis between biology, natural history, mathematics and physics in the service of art.

Credits : AV Extended / Jérémie Bellot, Ena Eno, Felix Frank, Josselin Fouché

The Legend of the Fir Tree

The Château de Beaugency is dressed in lights for Christmas from December 3rd. Take advantage of December weekends and vacations to come and discover the castle of a thousand lights. As soon as night falls, floral, natural and vegetal paintings honoring the biodiversity of the Centre Val de Loire region will be projected on the facades of the castle for a journey through the snow and the fir forests. The public will then be immersed in a magical and sparkling universe, which echoes the magic of Christmas. The night show is a Christmas tale in the form of mapping through a rewriting and reinterpretation of the Legend of the Christmas tree.

Credit : AV Extended

IN 2021

Digital Natures

A digital creation highlighting a growing and abundant nature, a vegetal dream out of scale bringing the viewer down to a smaller size, the artist Jérémie Bellot uses this project to materialize the importance of Nature and Vegetal in the human existence.

Visual creation : Jérémie Bellot

Sound creation : Ena Eno

A Moon Dream (Un rêve lunaire)

The Moon star is omnipresent in mythologies and popular beliefs. Often associated with a female deity, it symbolizes the cycles of the seasons, the ages… But it is often associated with daydreaming, nocturnal strolling and time passing, slowly, an astral hourglass visible to all at every moment of the night like its solar counterpart.

Credit: Visual creation: Jérémie Bellot and Josselin Fouché / Sound creation: Ena Eno

Celestial Mechanics

The celestial mechanics, with its metronome regularity, reminds us that the stars have long been the clocks of humanity. A graphic representation of the sky, a tribute to the cosmos mixing art and stars invites us to appreciate the poetic value of the emotion provided by the simple vision of a starry night.

Credit : Visual creation : Jérémie Bellot / Sound creation : Ena Eno

The Great Breath

Snowflakes are a testimony to the perfection of nature, their hexagonal structure and fractal dimension take us into the infinitely small. This digital work explores the geometry and imagination around these tiny ice crystals that fall from the sky.

Credit: AV Extended

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